Situated in the vibrant landscape of Bali, our dynamic team at Florette comprises coordinators, event stylists, seasoned florists and operational experts. Despite our modest size, our passion and dedication to realizing your dream celebrations are boundless. Leveraging local resources, we strive to deliver service that surpasses expectations. We love creating floral arrangements inspired by nature, featuring an organic style that highlights the raw beauty of flowers.

Recognizing the diversity of desires among couples, we embrace flexibility as a guiding principle, tailoring our services to suit your unique preferences and needs. While we primarily offer customized quotes tailored to individual visions, we understand that planning every detail of a wedding can be overwhelming. Your vision is our canvas; collaborate with us to transform it into a personalized and seamless experience. We acknowledge that not every approach fits all, and for some, hands-on assistance with finer details is more important

In our commitment to sustainability, we try to prioritize eco-conscious practices. These include sourcing local and domestic products, procuring fresh flowers from local suppliers, minimizing the use of floral foam by reusing and upcycling items, and composting flowers after their use in our events. Let us know in advance if you want to take the flower home with you or your guests. 

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